OUI Process in Michigan – What to do after a drunk driving conviction

If you’ve been convicted of an OUI (drunk driving offense) in Michigan, your license will likely be suspended, even after a first offense drunk driving conviction. Before you are eligible to receive driving privileges or a restored license, you may need to complete/obtain the following:

  1. Make an appeal and submit required documentation
  2. Complete suspension time, if required
  3. Alcohol assessment or treatment
  4. Ignition Interlock Device

You can make an appeal to have your driver’s license restored by the Michigan Driver Appeal and Assessment Division (DAAD) of the Secretary of State’s Office.

Ignition interlock devices in Michigan

If your appeal with the DAAD is successful, you may be able to regain driving privileges by installing an ignition interlock device. Ignition interlock devices are required for Michigan drunk driving offenders with a BrAC of .17 or greater.

Find a Michigan ignition interlock device (car breathalyzer) installation location and schedule your installation at a state certified location near your home or work.


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