DWI Process in New York – What to do after a drunk driving conviction

If you’ve been convicted of a DWI (drunk driving offense) in New York, your license may be suspended. Before regaining driving privileges, you may need to complete the following:

  1. Alcohol assessment/evaluation
  2. Impaired Driver Program (Drinking Driving Program)
  3. SR-22 Insurance
  4. Ignition Interlock Device

Once you complete the Impaired Driver/Drunk Driving Program, you’ll receive a Notice of Completion and the New York DMV will be notified.

To obtain driving privileges, you will need to fill out the Restricted License Form (MV-44CR) and pay all fines and fees.

Ignition interlock devices in New York

In New York, all drunk driving offenders, even first offenders, are required to install ignition interlock devices. Probation and compliance officers have the ability to recommend an extension of the interlock requirement if violations are recorded.

Find a New York ignition interlock device (car breathalyzer, IID) installation location and schedule your installation at a state certified location near your home or work.


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